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This Weekend, You Can Support Planned Parenthood Just By Seeing the Fantastic 20th Century Women


20th Century Women is in theaters nationwide starting this weekend. If you haven’t gotten the chance to see it yet, it’s a beautiful, powerful movie about female identity, told through the eyes of three women, spanning nearly a century of generations, and for that, we’d already put it in our list of recommended alternatives to Friday’s inauguration.

But now there’s another reason to venture out to the theater. This weekend, A24 will be donating to Planned Parenthood in honor of everyone who sees the film. This partnership, as described in the awesome featurette above, is part of what made the film so moving, and so authentic.

The movie is, on the surface, framed around the question of what it means to be a 20th Century man (as it’s loosely based on writer/director Mike Mills’ own childhood), but let there be no doubt, this movie is about its women. Set in 1979, sexual agency and reproductive health is at the core of their stories. The film brought Planned Parenthood on as a consultant to make sure they did right by the millions of women these characters represent.

Here’s what Mills had to say about the partnership:

The people at Planned Parenthood were so helpful to me with the writing and pre-production of 20th Century Women. They connected me with people who worked in PP offices in the ’70s to make sure every aspect of my scenes was correct, from the language counselors used to the very particular decor and dress of the people in those offices, to the overarching philosophy and attitude of the women who worked there. It was very important to me that we capture this moment in women’s reproductive rights accurately and they were so generous and helpful to me.

This weekend, if you’re looking for a tiny act of resistance or self-care, consider treating yourself to a fantastic movie—also consider bringing all the tissues you own, because sometimes self-care involves a lot of tears—that, for this weekend at least, will benefit women’s rights and health not just in spirit, but in proceeds as well.

Oh, and as a bonus, if this movie speaks to you, Mills has set up 1979.fm, an online radio station dedicated to the music at the core of the movie.

I know, but it’s still really cool.


(via A24)

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