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The Best Memes, Tweets, and Reactions to the Second Clinton vs. Trump Presidential Debate


This weekend was a crazy one for U.S. politics. Things kicked off Friday when a tape came out with Trump in 2005 bragging that he could sexually assault women and get away with it. That kicked off a firestorm that saw him losing support from other Republican politicians—a ridiculous turn considering that Trump has shown himself to be plenty racist and sexist already—and culminated in last night’s presidential debate. (Replay here if you’re some kind of masochist.)

Last night was like watching two people who’d prepared a group presentation get up to deliver it, where only one of them had clearly done all the work, while the other knew only the subject headings and then rambled about them incoherently (and also lied a whole bunch). Polls—not the ones gamed by 4chan users—back this up, just like after the first debate. Do not be fooled by the idea that Donald Trump “won” just because he didn’t literally spontaneously combust on stage, which is only one small step of hyperbole away from how low a lot of people actually set the bar for him.

Now, on to the comedy! First up is my personal favorite. The debate audience was supposed to be made up of undecided voters, but this guy appears decidedly decided:

Then there was Trump looming behind Clinton menacingly while she appeared unaware (probably because she was doing her best to ignore his obnoxiousness all night):

(Check out Pajiba for more.)

Let’s also use this opportunity to remember that Trump fielded a question about Islamophobia by placing the onus on Muslims to report terrorism, because that’s a thing he thinks Muslims have inside info on. #MuslimsReportStuff took off.

Others found Trump’s continuous presence behind Clinton a little more amusing:

Still waiting for that video, Internet, btw.

Then there was Trump’s relationship with his chair, which … I’m sorry you won’t be able to un-see this.

At best, Trump looks like he’s completely zoning out and just waiting for his turn to talk. At worst … yikes. You can find Photoshops of that one all over the Internet by now. I’m so sorry.

Anyway, Trump also mentioned his “extreme vetting” process for trying to keep people out of America based on ideological assessments—one of his more fascist proposals.

Then there was walking meme Ken Bone and his epic sweater.

He’s a good sport about it, btw. (I think. Unless this account is fake, in which case we riot!):

Finally, there was the duet/rap battle between Clinton and Trump:

(Mediaite has a few more variations of this one.)

And, of course, the infinite variations of each of these jokes that you can now find strewn across the Internet like pieces of our shattered dreams of the future.

Have a great week, America!

(image via screengrab)

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