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Sebastian Stan Yelling About People Still Going Outside Is a Mood

So many of us feel trapped right now amid coronavirus precautions, and that includes our very own Bucky Barnes, Sebastian Stan, coming to us from quarantine in his apartment—yelling about having to cook chicken despite hating cooking, just like the rest of us.

In the Muscle and Fitness podcast with Don Saladino and Zack Zeigler, Stan joined in to talk about his workout regimen now that he’s isolated in his home, but … really, it just seemed like he was glad to talk to people other than his imaginary friend.

Sebastian Stan has imaginary friends, tries to season chicken with mustard, and yells, “WHAT’S A SIX PACK MEAN ANYWAY NOBODY’S GONNA FUCKING SEE IT” without any preamble. Seems about right.

Honestly, the whole thing is just a mood. So many of us are currently going a little wild being stuck in our homes and the fact that people are continually disregarding the rules and going out to the beaches or parks because their bored is beyond frustrating. So maybe that’s why Twitter loved the fact that Stan went on a rant about those who clearly are not taking this seriously.

Hopefully, Sebastian Stan’s new friend (child?) Joseph puts down whatever it is that he was holding! (And hopefully we all get out soon, because if not, Sebastian Stan is probably going to write movies about his new imaginary family.)

(image: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Audi)

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