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Sebastian Stan Was Just As In-the-Dark as Bucky During the Shooting of Infinity War

At the end of a wide-ranging interview with Collider, Sebastian Stan discussed his experience filming Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel. He revealed that, like his character the Winter Soldier, he’s often “in the dark” about the bigger picture.

“It’s like Groundhog Day over there right now,” he said of the current filming situation. “I come in, and I was just there, and then I’m going back…I [also] didn’t read a [full] script for the last movie. So I was kind of in the dark – which is always okay for the Winter Soldier. Dark’s okay.”

Very much unlike Bucky, though, Stan is enjoying himself. Even with a larger cast and a more piecemeal sense of the script, he’s found the on-set experience fun and casual: “You’re always kind of like, ‘Oh! So-and-so just walked by me.’ It’s always a little bit kind of like a double-take, but generally I think everyone’s just having a good time.”

Stan also emphasized the trust involved in the project now. “It’s a family system,” he said, “and at this point, I feel like between the writers and Kevin [Feige] and the Russos, everybody kind of guesses their next move, so to speak, and I feel like they know very well what I’ll be bringing…I’m gonna be handed a piece of paper, and then I’m gonna go and do the scene, but again, I’ve spent so much time with the character, and I’ve spent so much time with them, that it’s very easy to jump right in and get right into the chemistry.”

Even the IMAX footage didn’t seem to phase his approach. He described the footage from D23, the Disney Expo, as “really nuts,” but emphasized that he knows how his character will react. “Again,” he said, “I can just resort back to the same look of bewilderment.”

I sort of love how this description is basically just Bucky’s life: moving from assignment to assignment with no sense of the bigger picture, doing double-takes, and occasionally staring pointedly at Chris Evans and his beard. Altogether, this is a much better way of method acting than Jared Leto’s.

(Via Collider and io9; image via Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios)

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