Season 7 Teaser for The Walking Dead Continues to Milk the Heck Out of That Negan Cliffhanger

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The Walking Dead (Season 7) – Official Teaser… by comicbookdotcom

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There you have it, folks, a brand new trailer for season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. If you’ve been following the show (or if you’ve been on the internet at all when the last season ended), then you know that season 6 ended on a bit of a major cliffhanger. Negan, the foul-mouthed barbed wire bat-wielding antagonist had just laid into one of the last remaining survivors, whose identity we don’t exactly know just yet. As the finale was wrapping up, Negan had picked his victim, and the perspective shifted to their point of view, whoever they were, and we were treated to a first person perspective of what it’s like to, well, take a barbed wire bat to the head.

It seems like AMC is still milking that last scene for all that it’s worth, as the above trailer (more a teaser, really) focuses on the moments leading up to his selection, where he’s just sort of walking around menacingly and pointing the bat at people like he’s in a much more messed up version of that one scene in Hook.

Personally speaking, I think that they’re seriously milking the damn thing dry. When the whole thing with Glenn’s death/non-death happened midway through the season, plenty of people were champing at the bit to find out what happened. Instead of providing even a timely resolution (suspense is part of the game, after all), they kind of just ended up milking it like heck and drew it out much longer than it really should have gone.

Now, with Negan present and a major character death promised since his announcement, it just feels like the TWD folks are once again drawing it out a little long. The stakes are high for who they’ve elected to kill. With this much momentum and expectation going into a brand new season, you just have to guess that it’s going to be one of the more major characters, someone who’s been with the show for a while. Otherwise all this build up will have been just a setup for a pretty underwhelming premiere.

All that being said, the curiosity is strong. We’ll find out if it’s all worth it when season 7 of The Walking Dead premieres this October on AMC.


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