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Write Like a Best-Selling Author With Scrivener—Over 50% off in The Mary Sue Shop


Okay, so we can’t tell you how to turn your novel idea into a bestseller. But we can tell you that plenty of bestselling authors swear by Scrivener. (And if you’ve ever tried to write more than a handful of pages using Microsoft Word—short story, dissertation—you know why.) Get Scrivener 2 for Mac or PC for $19.50 at The Mary Sue Shop.

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Scrivener is part word processor, part project management tool. Use it to outline your project, load up research or notes in the same window as your text to refer to as you write, and storyboard and rearrange your project. You can even take a “snapshot” of what you’re working on and restore it…just in case it turns out draft 37 was actually better than draft 38. Writing the next Oscar winner? Scrivener will even automatically format your project as a script.

Close that Word window and get Scrivener 2 for Mac or PC for $19.50 at The Mary Sue Shop.

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