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SCOTUS Marriage Equality Reaction Round-Up: The Internet Loves That #LoveWins!

Obviously, the big news here in the U.S. is that the Supreme Court ruled that states banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, upholding marriage equality in all fifty states! We’re super-excited about that—and of course, we’re not the only ones! I mean, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg is shooting rainbows out of her hands, she’s so excited! Here’s some of the best responses from the world-wide intarwebz. OMG, how cute are Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi? 

Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller is also excited (and seems to be shipping!):

Kristen Chenoweth celebrated by posting this political cartoon that exchanges one flag for another: 

And now, our new favorite bar in Chicago:

While writer Parker Molloy brings the celebratory snark:

Speaking of…not everyone was thrilled about the ruling. Geez, FOX News, for a network that loves Freedom so much, you sure do make a face when people actually have some!

This tweet alerted us to a brilliant piece over at Jezebel showing us the alternative “sad” versions of corporate celebratory messages had the ruling gone the other way. It also does a great recap of the celebratory ones, too. It’s pretty hilarious:

 Lots of folks, like artist, KivaBay, reminded us that we still have lots of work to do, despite this victory:

But our very own Marcy Cook shows us that we have every reason to stop and celebrate today, and also to be optimistic:

Have a great weekend of celebrating, everyone! Today is a good day.

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