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Seven Things To Like About the Scott Pilgrim Trailer

The trailer for the eagerly anticipated, Michael Cera-helmed film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World came out this afternoon. Here are seven things you should note and possibly like about it, as well as said trailer.1. Michael Cera is repeatedly punched in the face. Also: uppercutted into a ceiling and catapulted into a tall stone building.

2. There are on-screen comic book onomatopoeias, including WHIP, KPOK, and WHUD, appear whenever Michael Cera receives or inflicts harm.

3. Electric guitar attack. (Not to be confused with the killer metal soundtrack.)

4. This exchange:

Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead): If we’re going to date, you may have to defeat my seven evil exes. Michael Cera Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera): You have seven evil ex-boyfriends? And I have to fight — Flowers: Defeat. Michael Cera: Defeat your seven evil exes? Flowers: Pretty much.

5. The “No Clue/Gets It” meter that appears inside of Michael Cera’s skull thereafter.

6. There is a Street Fighter-like announcer shouting K.O. — complete with echo effect — when Michael Cera blocks one such boyfriend and strikes him with a luminescent fist.

7. Michael Cera actually ‘makes a move’ on a girl! And is thereafter seen in bed with her.

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