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The Science of Orgasms is Surprisingly Safe for Work [Video]

The good folks behind AsapSCIENCE are at it again. This time they’re tackling what is potentially a far stickier subject: The science behind orgasms. The video explanation may not be, er, sexy, but it certainly explains a great deal about what goes on during sexual encounters. As ’90s television liked to say, knowing is half the battle. Watch the video and read on to understand orgasms in greater detail, but remember that it’s No Fap September.

There are effectively four stages of sexual response. Excitement, plateau of arousal, orgasm, and resolution. It just so happens to line up fairly well with the traditional narrative arc. The brain increases blood flow to the genitals during arousal, breathing rate and heartbeat both increase, and the central nervous system lights up like a Christmas tree in order to send pleasure signals to the brain. This is what results in an orgasm, friends.

Unfortunately for men, the entire process only includes 3 to 10 seconds of intense pleasure. In addition, they really do need time to recharge. Women, on the other hand, get the better deal out of this. That intense pleasure can last for up to 20 seconds in women, and they don’t have that pesky refractory period, so they really can have multiple orgasms.

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