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Crying Through the Schitt’s Creek Final Season Trailer

The trailer for the final season of Schitt’s Creek is here, and it’s great and perfect in all ways except that it’s for the final season, and we are so not ready to say goodbye to this zany little town and the Rose family.

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I love that it looks like we’re getting the humor and heart that makes this show so great, but why oh why must it end? So here are the moments that took us from laughter to ugly sobs in just over two minutes!

the rose family gathers around laptop

Laughs, but sad: Moira’s wigs and outfits.

Moira’s first outfit in the trailer, which I can only describe as soft Hellraiser couture, is so amazing and …is that a two-toned wig? How are we supposed to live with just one more season of Moira and David’s black and white fashion magic? What are we going to do without looks like this??? And what has Jocelyn written?

Misty-eyed: David and Patrick Wedding Planning.

David Rose planning a wedding is going to be comedy gold, especially if it leads to some squabbles with Alexis, as the trailer promises. Also, has Alexis started a new brand? And more Patrick and Johnny, please. And poor David, we would never leave you for a stuffed animal.

Lips quivering: Alexis saying she’s going to miss David.

Excuse me, who gave them the right? These two are so funny when they’re fighting but so sweet when they remind us that they really care about each other. Nope. My heart hurts already.

First tears: “I also feel incredibly lucky to be joining your family.”

Oh no. Patrick—who was so afraid to come out to his family and has had such a beautiful story—telling Johnny that he’s happy to be joining the Rose family? David and Patrick spooning? I need to get a tissue.

david patrick cuddle

Loud Sniffles: Hugs and Goodbyes

Stevie is leaving? To be a flight attendant? Everyone is hugging? Ted is there! Roland looks moved! I am barely holding it together!!!

Full-on sobs. “And I wouldn’t trade our stay there for anything.”

Johnny saying that there is value in motels is about finding the value in community and connection and humility and family and I AM GOING TO MISS THIS SHOW SO MUCH.

Anyway, what did you think, Suevians? What are you most looking forward to in the final season?

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