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New Gaming Mouse, Savu, Comes With Its Own Achievements

Gamification has been the thing for a while now, from regular console video games to getting achievements for reading the news. Though we don’t expect everything to be gamified in modern times, we certainly aren’t surprised by it, but a computer mouse having its own achievements is not something for which we could’ve been prepared. Peripheral company Roccat is releasing its Savu gaming mouse, and with all of the fancy accoutrements of gaming mice, the Savu is bringing its own set of achievements. Yes, you can now get achievements for mouse movement and number of clicks.

At a glance, the Savu is your standard gaming mouse. Sleek exterior, pretty lighting, a multitude of extra buttons, a sensor that can crank it up to 4,000dpi — your standard stuff. However, what isn’t your standard gaming mouse feature is the Roccat Achievements Display — acronym intended — that incorporates achievements into using your mouse. No, it doesn’t have a set of its own achievements for different games, but it has a set of its own achievements for being used. The achievement list doesn’t seem to have been released as of yet, but due to the nature of what is being gamified, one can probably infer that the achievements will look something like “clicked fifty times in one minute,” and because we’re living in 2012, the achievements can also be share through social networks.

The Savu will be debuting at CeBIT in a week, so hopefully a more readily available achievement list will be released by then so we’ll know exactly how much Diablo we’ll have to play before we can get our clicky achievements.

(via Engadget)

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