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Read Satoshi Kon’s Heartbreaking Last Words

We were directed via @jmittell to Japanese writer Makiko Itoh‘s blog, where he has graciously translated filmmakerSatoshi Kon‘s parting words, composed not long before died, and later posted onto his blog by his family members.

As Itoh notes, the document is “rather long and rambling,” but it’s a moving portrait of a wonderfully talented and hardworking artist coming to terms with a death that came sooner than he had imagined.

Some choice excerpts after the break:

This post originally appeared at 21st Century Boy.

On the fate of his upcoming film, The Dreaming Machine:

After all, there’s a strong possiblity that the storyboards that were created by (our) blood, sweat and tears will never be seen. This is because Satoshi Kon put his arms around the original story, the script, the characters and the settings, the sketches, the music…every single image…It’s easy to say that it was my fault for arranging things this way, but from my point of view I made every effort to share my vision with others.

Reconciling with his parents:

It was so heartbreaking to tell my parents.

I’d really intended to go up to Sapporo, where my parents live, while I was still able to, but my illness progressed so unexpectedly and annoyingly fast that I ended up calling them on the telephone from the hospital room as I was closest to death.

“I’m in the late stages of cancer and will die soon. I was so happy being born as a child to Father and Mother. Thank you.”

Thanking his wife:

Since that time-left pronouncement, we drowned ourselves in tears together so many times. Every day was brutal for both of us, physically and mentally. There are almost no words for it. But the reason why I was able to survive those difficult days was because of the words that you said to me right after we received the news.

“I’ll be at your side [run with you] until the end.”

Read the heartbreaking rest at Makiko Itoh’s blog. Immense thanks to her for making this read possible for English audiences.

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This post originally appeared at 21st Century Boy.

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