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Netflix’s Quirky Zombie Comedy Santa Clarita Diet Is Officially Coming Back for Seconds

Not all zombies are soulless cadavers mindlessly stumbling around in search of brains. Some of them are just trying to make it through day-to-day life without hurting innocent people. That’s my wildly generic summary of the Netflix comedy Santa Clarita Diet, which just got renewed for a second season.

When Drew Barrymore’s Sheila finds herself rejecting regular food and craving human flesh, it’s apparent that something is very wrong. She then enlists the help of of husband Joel (played by Timothy Olyphant) to figure out what’s happening and possibly help her find a cure. That won’t be easy as they’ve got a teenage daughter to raise and a slew of suburban friends and acquaintances hovering about. Plus, there’s the risk of her completely losing herself and turning into one of the frenzied creatures you often see in horror films. Oh, and there’s that house they’ve been trying to sell.

Now that the show can officially continue the story, it will be interesting to see where it goes from there. We still don’t know how Sheila got turned or if there’s even a cure. Also, how many more zombies are out there?

Hopefully some of these questions will be answered in season 2. Will you watch?

(via Deadline, image via screencap)

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