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Samantha Bee Rips Into the “Slow-Motion Clusterf*ck of Impulsiveness and Ineptitude” That Was This Week in Politics


It’s been one heck of a few days, what with the President of the United States firing the man overseeing an active investigation into the office of the President of the United States. While nearly every cable news show couldn’t stress hard enough what a shocking outrageous bizarre seismic earthquake this action was, in last night’s episode of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee’s description of the fallout felt pretty accurate: following the firing, we got to witness the “slow-motion clusterfuck of impulsiveness and ineptitude that this White House is famous for.”

Bee took on the recent events in a new segment titled “Our Weekly Constitutional Crisis: What the F*uck Is It This Time?” If you’ve managed not to follow the story, it is truly bizarre, from the odd firing letter to Sean Spicer hiding in shrubbery to Putin’s “space hockey” interview outfit. And all of this is over James Comey, who Bee points out no one wants to defend, due to him being “a bit of a turd.” At this point, even the Nixon estate is trying put some distance between comparisons of the two presidents. Yes, seriously.

I’m not sure we have the same definition of “fun.” We’re with Bee here. Given all the available options, hiding in the bushes with Sean Spicer doesn’t seem like the worst path.

Oh! And as an added bonus, Bee also devoted an entire segment to our favorite subject: Ivanka Trump’s terrible book reviews. I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of these.

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