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Another Dash of Salt: Will Angelina Jolie Join the Sequel?

Great Hera!

Turns out changing the gender of Salt was a great idea: because it’s officially getting a sequel. It was announced that the original’s screenwriter Kurt Wimmer has begun work on a new screenplay for Angelina Jolie‘s outed CIA agent, which means another action movie with a kickass lady in the lead. So far, that’s the only announcement, but it comes after Jolie declined to join a sequel for Wanted and after Salt left the field wide open to be continued.

In case you haven’t seen Wanted, spoiler alert — Jolie’s character dies. And according to Jolie, “dead is dead,” and she was not on board with her character being resurrected. Especially after she killed herself. So, that is a smart move on Jolie’s part.

And Salt‘s climax was written with the possibility of box office success — it made $300 million worldwide — and a potential sequel. So, that is a not-at-all stunty way to bring Jolie back for another go at a great role which, if you’ll recall, was originally going to go to Tom Cruise until the gender was swapped for Jolie. And it proves something else: people like watching female action heroes. Especially if they look like Angelina Jolie.

No word on whether the original director Phillip Noyce has signed on, and as of right now, Jolie is not even officially. But fingers crossed that Wimmer writes an equally kickass script.


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