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Saints Row IV Protagonist Does His Best Dr. Manhattan Impression in New Trailer [Video]

And by that we mean he's blue and naked and has superpowers.


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The Saints Row franchise is the most ridiculous thing I have ever witnessed as a human being. It’s like if Volition took Crank 2, replaced Jason Statham with a customizable player character, and upped the insanity about 60 to 70%. The latest trailer for Saints Row IV is exactly as silly as I’ve come to expect.

In this fourth installment, which drops on August 20th, you are the President of the United States (your vice president, by the way, is Keith David as played by actual Keith David), and you find yourself trapped in a Matrix-style virtual reality simulator with the rest of the 3rd Street Saints. So basically, literally anything can happen at any time, and it will. In this trailer alone are giant tanks, pilot-able robots, cars that just happen to be on fire for some reason, a water gun that fires green lasers, Benjamin Motherfucking King,  and a milkman getting a sucker punch in the middle of the street.

Also, a lot of nudity. A lot of nudity. So there’s that. It’s glorious.

(via Uproxx)

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