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Things We Saw Today: I Guess the Sad Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Is Taking the Charlie Brown Approach This Year?

Charlie Brown Christmas

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree is a lovely holiday tradition that attracts a lot of people to both New York City and to the towering tree itself. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, and it reminds us that the holidays can be the most magical time of year. It’s an NYC icon and a yearly treasure. But for 2020, the Rockefeller tree looks … well … pretty much how we all feel.

It is … sad to say the least, but also what we sort of deserve? This is about to be a strange holiday season. Many are not going to see their families, some will spend the holidays alone, and this has been the most difficult of years. So seeing a tree that represents the way we’re all feeling heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas? It kind of soothes me. The tree seems oddly appropriate. What else would a proper 2020 Christmas tree look like?

At least the one joy out of this very sad tree is that this sweet little owl was found and is being taken care of!

So, for all your Christmas needs, here is what should play through your head every time you look at the Rockefeller Tree this year:

And in other good news, you can celebrate the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and the Charlie Brown Christmas Special the way they were meant to be celebrated—meaning that you no longer have to watch it streaming on Apple TV but instead it will be back to it’s PBS broadcast on Dec. 13. Petitions can work! Per

Last month, a petition on demanded that Apple TV+ bring the beloved Charlie Brown holiday specials back to broadcast television. Receiving over 250,000 signatures, advocates for the shows aimed to preserve the tradition for fans and families alike through online activism. After much backlash, PBS announced today that they have teamed up with Apple TV+ to offer ad-free broadcasts of “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” (on Nov. 22) and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (on Dec. 13).

(image: CBS)

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