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Ryan Reynolds Tweeted His First Viewing of Green Lantern and It Was as Fun as You’d Expect

The gin helped

Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern

What better way to celebrate the Snyder Cut hitting HBO Max and a very green holiday like St. Patrick’s day than… drinking gin and watching 2011’s critical and box office bomb, Green Lantern? Well, if you’re the guy that starred in that movie, own a gin company, and have some free Twitter time on your hands, that honestly sounds like a great idea. That appears to have been Ryan Reynolds’ thinking when he settled in for a live tweet of Green Lantern, a movie he starred in but, despite mocking the choice with jokes about it in Deadpool and beyond, has seemingly never watched.

Reynolds opened by noting that the film wasn’t actually streaming anywhere (what’s with that, HBO Max??) but offered a cocktail recipe anyway.

And according to Reynolds, this was a new experience.

First off, Reynold reminded us that yes, Taika Waititi was in this movie, something I completely forgot. The role came before Waititi was well-known and much-acclaimed in the U.S., so, honestly, good work Green Lantern casting department.

And … yeah. It kind of is. Reynold may be a bit biased considering he married one of his castmates, but they really had some great actors in this movie.

But back to the jokes?

Too bad, well, about the rest of it maybe?

And yes, this all was sort of a promo for Aviation gin, but … cool ring.

At this point, you’re maybe thinking, was the movie really that bad?

And yeah, there were certainly some … stumbles in this movie? But maybe it’s watchable with enough gin? Again, I’m just trusting Reynolds here but I’m happy to try this experiment on my own at some point.

Maybe Reynolds will show up for a cameo in the Green Lantern series being made for HBO Max. Weirder things have happened … like this entire movie.

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