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This is What Happens When You Run Out of Milk in Japan [Video]

Generally, when I run out of milk, I let my cereal go dry and stale for a week or two until I can muster up the muster to mosey the eight blocks to the grocery store and buy some milk to moisten my stale cereal, which I then throw away because it is too stale. This, in turn, causes my milk to go bad because I didn’t have any cereal in which to put it, and, oh, that grocery store. That grocery store is so far away. It’s a vicious cycle of waste, shame, milk anxiety, and regret. It seems when you run out of milk in Japan, the Milkless go through another kind of vicious cycle — a kind that must be seen to be believed.

Beware the cows, my Japanese friends. Not all milk is enriched.

(via WTF Japan Seriously!?)

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