Rumors Have It That IRONHEART Series Is Being Planned for Disney+

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Disney+ has launched and the collective excitement over being able to access all of our nostalgia for $6.99 made us forget, temporarily, about Disney being the worst. No matter how we feel about the streamer, however, we can’t forget that the future of Marvel will be in this service. The Mouse in investing millions of dollars, per episode, to craft series that will be actually important to understanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it goes forward.  And one of those in potential development, according to Geek Tyrant, could be Riri Williams aka Ironheart getting her own limited series.

The site got the rumor from MCU Cosmic who got it from a source that is allegedly inside the Marvel superpower. Yes, this is a game of source telephone, but let us have this one.

“According to a source who has not yet been wrong, a potential Disney+ limited series for Ironheart has begun early development. While a movie is possible, it sounds like she’ll be introduced via a limited series before appearing in the films; just like Ms. Marvel.”

Riri Williams was created by Brian Michael Bendis and designed by Mike Deodato. Back in 2016, she took on the mantle of Ironheart after Carol Danvers punched Tony Stark into a coma during Civil War II event, which almost sounds interesting enough to make me read that arc. The character is a genius 15-year-old engineering student who goes to MIT. While the initial character as conceived by Bendis had the right intentions, it mostly fell flat in terms of actual writing. Thankfully, under the wing of brilliant Chicago writer Eve Ewing and the art of Kevin Libranda, the actual Ironheart comic has allowed Williams a ton of nuance and potential that was lacking in the beginning.

I think that letting Riri be a superhero in her own series would be a great way for those who are unfamiliar with a lot of the current legacy characters to be exposed to them. Not only can they deliver a version of Riri that has already worked out some of the initial issues with her character, but in a Tony Stark-is-dead MCU it makes sense that there would be young people, who are not Peter Parker, who would be inspired by his legacy to go forth and try to save the world in their own way.

I hope this comes to pass, and I hope Marvel gets a talented Black writer to head this series. If not Eve Ewing herself, then someone who understands the foundation that was set for Riri to be her own person and not just Black Female Tony Stark, which is already what a lot of bad faith haters already dismiss her as. While I do hate that you’d need a streaming service to watch this show, if it does happen I hope it inspires a whole new generation of Riri Williams fans.

(via reek Tyrant, image: Marvel Comics)

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