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The Curiosity Rover Snapped Its First Picture of Earth and Safely Crossed Into the Dingo Gap

A dingo did not eat our rover.


The Curiosity rover is a long way from home, boys and girls, and this shot of what the Earth looks like from where it is on Mars is a reminder of just how far that is. Across the cold, empty reaches of space, the rover has taken a picture of the home of all seven billion humans, and it looks like just a tiny speck.

Curiosity tweeted this picture last night just before it let everyone know that it had crossed into the Dingo Gap safely. Its wheels have been taking a beating up there on the harsh red planet, and NASA decided to take it over a sand dune and into the much smoother and less treacherous Dingo Gap.


Here’s an enhanced view from NASA of what the Earth and the moon look like from Curiosity’s lonely, cold vantage point on Mars:


So, yeah, still just tiny specks. Poor, lonely rover.

Don’t worry, buddy! We want to come visit you some day; I promise. Hang in there for science.

(via Universe Today, images via NASA)

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