“Rotten Apples” Tells You Which Films & TV Shows Have Alleged Harassers Behind or in Front of the Camera

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Ever wish there was an IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes-type site that told you loud and clear whether or not someone involved is an alleged total creep? Look no further.

Rotten Apples is a new site where you enter the name of a TV show or film and then are shown whether or not any alleged harassers were involved in its creation (see the image above). If there is no known connection to a harasser, it will be a “Fresh Apple” and read “This movie has no known affiliation to anyone with allegations of sexual misconduct against them.
If you believe this is an error, please let us know by clicking here and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.”

The project puts into practice the “Yiiiiiikes, FYI” of a recent Reductress article and while it might not’ve been the exact inspiration, it definitely shows that this kind of resource is a valuable one that we’ve been needing for a while. It’s great to have a straightforward and easy site to visit in order to make sure you’re not financially supporting a harasser or predator.

The About page reads:

“The Rotten Appl.es is a searchable database that lets you know whether or not a film or television show is tied to a person who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

In the case of this website, the ‘person’ is defined as a cast-member, screenwriter, executive producer or director.

The goal of this site is to further drive awareness of just how pervasive sexual misconduct in film and television is and to help make ethical media consumption easier.

By no means is this site meant to serve as a condemnation of an entire project.

This database is not perfect, nor are the results meant to be taken as fact. Each link is sourced from an existing article and is not a reflection of our own opinions.

If you believe there is an error or a missing name, please let us know by clicking here and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

For more information, email us at [email protected]

What do you think about Rotten Apples? Is it a tool you’ll be using in the future?

(via Indiewire, image: screencap)

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