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Robots Can Now Learn to Teach ISS Astronauts Maintenance Procedures and Assist With Repairs

Surviving in space, lesson 1: First, be a robot.

Robots, not needing to eat or breathe or any of that boring human junk have it significantly easier when it comes to surviving in space, and they’re now ready to pass on their vast knowledge to us petty meatsacks. Although, since they can’t teach us to be robots (yet—we’re still waiting on the Cybermen), they’ll have to settle for showing International Space Station astronauts how to repair and maintain the space station.

Of course, it would be easy to build a robot that can record an astronaut making a repair to the ISS and then play that video for the next crew—your phone can (probably) do that. No, these adorable little bots aren’t held to such strict limitations; they can actually be taught how to assist with the repair and show the astronauts how things are done more like a human teacher could.

With crews on the ISS changing every six months, it’ll be helpful to have someone consistently on-board who knows what they’re doing (besides super smart astronauts). I just hope they don’t have any trouble teaching it the “open the pod bay doors” step.

(via Engadget)

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