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Robot Given Knife, Taught to Debone Ham: Next Step, Us?!

A knife-wielding robot named HAMDAS-R, developed by Mayekawa Electric, has been taught to debone a ham, probably because pig bodies are used in various experiments when using a human body wouldn’t be appropriate, and learning to debone a ham is the best way for robots to learn how to debone a human without raising too many alarms. HAMDAS-R can debone 500 hams in an hour and can easily discern between meat and bone, making it an extremely efficient human-fillet machine whenever it rises up against its oppressors (i.e. us).

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Look, we don’t know why researchers keep teaching robots different ways to end humanity, but consider Geekosystem a sort of liveblog for tracking how life as we know it will come to an end.

(DigInfo via BotJunkie via Gizmodo via PopSci)

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