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Hasbro’s Toy Line for Seniors Features Lifelike, Uncanny Valley Robotic Kitty

Imagine how much you could save on furniture repair.

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Remember those robo-puppies that were all the rage for the holidays so many years ago? Hasbro’s not content to rest on their laurels, apparently, because they’ve really leaned into the uncanny valley with these robotic pets designed specifically for the senior set. Called “Companion Pets,” these kitties are made to offer companionship and comfort to older folks who might not have the time or the ability to tend to a real pet’s every need.

On paper, the features seem pretty cool. One of the features is an adaptive petting response, which means that it can sense where you’re petting it, and it’ll move closer to ask for more affection–think of when you pet a cat, and it leans its head into your hand for even harder pets. The darn thing can even roll over for belly rubs. No word yet on whether those belly rubs are a trap or not. Here’s hoping they didn’t go for full realism.

It’s interesting to see Hasbro trying to tackle developing toys for seniors. The line is called “Joy For All”–which can be mildly depressing when you think about it–and addresses the fact that the elderly are often lonely and in need of companionship. Check out the promotional video on the Joy For All Companion Pets page for a commercial that explains it a bit more.

Oh, and one of these robo kitties will set you back about $99, which is chump change when you consider how much you save on food, kitty litter, vet fees, and furniture repair.

(via Gizmodo, image via Hasbro)

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