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Robert Downey Jr. Recruits Shark Attack Victim to His Footprint Initiative—er, Coalition

Tony Stark in Marvel's Avengers

Paige Winter, who was the young teen who survived a shark attack, is truly one of the most positive people you can look to. A girl who stared a shark in the face and survived, she doesn’t blame the shark or herself for what happened. She just wants to learn more about marine life and how she can help sustain it. Winter said something that I’ve often said when people ask why I don’t want to go into the ocean, as someone who is deathly afraid of sharks. That is their home, their life, and we’re encroaching there for fun.

But Paige Winter’s positive outlook and dedication to helping the creatures of the sea has attracted celebrity attention—specifically, that of Robert Downey Jr. When Winter was on Good Morning America, she spoke about her attack in a way that truly shows that you don’t have to take the negative view of your situation. For many, when something like this happens, they’re not too keen on interacting with the thing that has hurt them.

But with Winter, she’s ready and willing to help preserve the wildlife of the world and help in whatever way she can, which brings in Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. It seems as if he’s recruiting a new environmental Avenger to his Footprint Coalition. For those unaware, the Avengers star has started to become something of a Tony Stark himself.


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In an attempt to put a stop to climate change, Robert Downey Jr. has begun working with nanotechnology to try to clean up the earth within the next decade. Asking if Winter would be his North Carolina ambassador, RDJ recruited the teen for her willingness to learn and help marine life and strive to make the world a better place for her future and generations after her.

Downey’s actions in making the world a better place are both in character with his onscreen persona but also what we need to see in this world. Someone taking a stand to stop global warming and do what is necessary is important, and it makes me extremely proud to call myself a Robert Downey Jr. fan.

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