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Rob McElhenney and Company Return for Season 3 of ‘Mythic Quest’

Plus Joe Manganiello!

Charlotte Nicdao, Rob McElhenney

While Ted Lasso may be the crown jewel in Apple TV+’s comedy slate, Rob McElhenney’s Mythic Quest has lowkey delivered two seasons of hilarious and soulful storytelling. In fact, the workplace comedy set in the world of video game development has produced some of the best, most moving pandemic content of the past two years, thanks to to its inspired Quarantine and Everlight episodes. Season 3 of the series heads into uncharted territory, as egotistical game creator Ian Grimm (McElhenney) and neurotic engineer Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) part ways with Mythic Quest to form a new company, GrimPop Studios. The duo must compete with their former home Mythic Quest, which is now run by David (David Hornsby). After his arrest for insider trading, amoral head of monetization Brad (Danny Pudi) returns as a janitor, but clearly has more up his sleeve. And the rest of the gang struggle to reform the company in the wake of Poppy and Ian’s departure.

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As Ian and Poppy pitch their new game Hera, they struggle to co-lead their company, and David brings MQ to Hollywood with special guest star Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike). Ian, of course, balks at Manganiello playing him, which is classic Ian. We also touch base with cast favorites Carol (Naomi Ekperigin), and game tester couple Rachel (Ashly Burch) and Dana (Imani Hakim). Dana is now working for GrimPop, while Rachel is attending Berkeley. And Jo (Jessie Ennis) remains steadfastly, militantly loyal to David.

The series, co-created by McElhenney, Charlie Day and Megan Ganz, brings the quick-fire comedy of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, with an unexpected soulfulness and richly developed characters. The cast chemistry is off the charts, and McElhenney and Nicdao remain the most watchable platonic duo on television right now. If you haven’t yet jumped on the Mythic Quest train, now is the time to do it.

Mythic Quest season 3 premieres on November 11 on Apple TV+.

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