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N.J. Road Service Saves Cash by Melting Ice With Pickle Juice

The city of Bergen County, New Jersey, is slated to become the most delicious smelling city in America. Provided, of course, that you are a fan of deli pickles. In the wake of a rough, stormy winter season on the east coast, the affluent enclave has turned to pickle brine as a cheaper alternative rock salt to keep their roads clear and navigable.

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From the Time Magazine newsfeed blog:

And the price can’t be beat: the briny mixture costs just 7 cents a gallon, compared to $63 a ton for salt. Quick math works the pickle juice out to roughly $16 per ton […]

This is just one more use for pickle brine after it’s recent resurgence on the cocktail scene. If it can keep our roads clean and chase our shots, is there nothing that preserved foods can’t do? Next up: 101 uses for putrefied shark fin.

(via Time newsfeed, image via TeaWithBuzz)

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