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Things We Saw Today: The Rise of Skywalker Screened Early for Dying Fan

Get out your tissue

Rey and Leia hug in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer.

Fair warning, reading about this one may make you cry because I certainly teared up writing it.

A few days ago, the staff at The Rowans Hospice in the United Kingdom, tweeted out a plea to the powers that be for a patient in their care: a huge Star Wars fan whose illness meant he would likely not live until the December 20th release of the film.

The please drew retweets from a variety of celebrities, including Mark Hamill and the call was nearly immediately answered by Disney chief Bob Iger. Yesterday, the force was strong and Disney made the patient’s dream come true:

According to the local press and representatives of the Hospice the patient was a massive Star Wars fan who not only wanted to see the film before he died but wanted to do so with his son, so Disney allowed him to screen the film with his family yesterday.

The response to this, shows we’re not the only ones moved by this.

Making this happen is a truly wonderful thing for Disney to do and we’re very happy for the patient and his family that they were able to have this moment in such a dark, difficult time.

(via: Entertainment Weekly; Image: Disney/LucasFilm)

Okay, wipe those tears and check out a few other things we saw today, some of them also from a galaxy far, far away…

  • The president of Brazil is accusing Leonardo DiCaprio of setting the Amazon on fire (what?!) which DiCaprio denies. (via THR)
  • We love our new gender fluid icon, Billy Dee Williams (via CBR)
  • Pop star Sia celebrated Thanksgiving by going undercover and buying groceries for strangers. (via Vulture).
  • I still can’t believe this is real.

  • We love this look at the sets and locations of Knives Out. (via Variety).
  • This is the best thing on the internet.

That’s what we saw this fine…is it Saturday? I think it’s Saturday but honestly, I lost track of the days about two pies ago.

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