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Things We Saw Today: RIP Batman Writer and DC Comics Editor Denny O’Neil

Plus Wonder Woman 1984, Archive, and more!

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Legendary comic book author and editor Denny O’Neil has passed away at the age of 81. O’Neil worked at Marvel and DC, but is perhaps best known for his iconic work on Batman. Working with artist Neal Adams, O’Neil created the Bruce Wayne/Batman we know and love today: gritty, brooding, and distinctly Noir.

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O’Neil’s work came at a pivotal time for the Caped Crusader, who still had the goofy, campy vibes of Adam West’s 1966 Batman. DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee said, “Denny modestly described it as a return to the character’s roots, but it was much more than that, … They channeled the zeitgeist of the times and brought to life a darker, more evocative yet grounded take on Batman.” O’Neil also co-created the characters Ra’s al Ghul and Talia al Ghul.

O’Neil and Adams were also responsible for the award-winning Green Lantern/Green Arrow stories, “Hard Traveling Heroes.” These stories delved into previously taboo topics for the comics industry, like drug addiction, racism, and other social issues. O’Neil and Adams created alternate Green Lantern John Stewart, who made waves as DC Comics’ first Black superhero.

O’Neil even came up the name of the most famous Autobot, Optimus Prime, when Marvel originally hired him to develop the Transformers property. Bob Budiansky took over the gig, but they kept the name.

Artists and comic book creators took to social media to remember O’Neil:

(via DC Comics, image: The Comic Archive)

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  • Happy birthday to our imaginary internet boyfriend Chris Evans, who in true Cap fashion, wants us to do good:

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