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Rina Sawayama, Others to Design Custom Spidey Suits for ‘Spider-Man 2’

One of the best parts of the video game Spider-Man 2 is getting to play with all of the insanely cool Spider-Man suits available. And now, musician Rina Sawayama, along with some sports superstars, are going to debut their own custom spidey suits in Spider-Man 2.

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According to NME, Sawayama helped design a suit that will eventually come to the game as paid DLC. If you don’t know Sawayama, she’s a pop musician and model who also had a part in the film John Wick 4. She first announced the news via her Instagram.

The suit is part of a collaboration with the brand KidSuper, which sells trendy streetwear clothes for youth culture. That could signal that the suit might be for Miles Morales, as that’s typically more his style, but it is unclear at the moment whom the skin is made for.

Sawayama herself is a huge fan of the game. She said, “Something really crazy has happened. Maybe I manifested it, ’cause when I was watching the sneak peek for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, I was thinking ‘Oh, the suits are going to be cool. I love collecting suits and doing side missions’. And then they reached out and said, ‘Do you want to design a Spider suit?’ WHAT?!” And who could blame her, we love the game too.

Sawayama isn’t the only person designing a skin for the game, either. As mentioned by Sportskeeda, KidSuper is also working with F1 driver Lando Norris to design an exclusive Spider-Man 2 skin. Vinícius Junior, a Brazilian soccer player, will also lend a handing in designing a suit. As of now, we don’t know when these suits will be made available in-game, so keep an eye out for more details.

As for us, we’ll get back to swinging across Manhattan and beating old ladies with sticks to get our Thanksgiving cranberries.

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