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Rihanna’s Songs Just Work as Baby Lullabies

Well done, Rockabye Baby!


It is utterly unreal how well Rihanna songs translate into baby lullaby songs. No, seriously, check it out for yourself. From the first note to the last, you’ll wonder how you ever put your little one to bed without this album. You may have heard Rockabye Baby! before–they’re the group behind these pop/rock music lullaby albums, and they’ve covered plenty of other artists’ albums in the same style before.

Among them are Fall Out Boy, the Beatles, Blink 182, Fleetwood Mac, and David Bowie. Covering Rihanna like this just seemed to be the next logical step, I suppose. Those of you who are worried about content: don’t be. These are all instrumental covers, you don’t have to worry about dirty lyrics seeping into your little one’s dreams.

All that being said, I’m surprised (and yet somehow unsurprised) at how much I’m loving this album. It’s just the most relaxing thing in the world, it’s–like I said–unreal. It becomes all the more unreal when you realize that the sequence you just heard actually translates to Rihanna singing “Giddy up / Giddy up / Giddy up, babe.” Those are for, ah… western-themed dreams. Right? Right.

Favorite track: “Don’t Stop the Music.” Yeah. If Rockabye Baby! can keep churning out incredible albums like this, then really: don’t stop the music.

You can check out another one of my favorite Rockabye Baby! lullaby covers below: David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”.


(via Jezebel, featured image via YouTube/Vemo)

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