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Right-Wing Protesters Try and Fail to Block Disney World Entrance

Not the best and brightest.

Princess Tiana rolls her eyes in 'The Princess and the Frog'

A so-called patriot convoy of republican Gov. Ron DeSantis supporters descended on Disney World in Orlando, Florida to protest the company’s stance against the state’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Their mission: to form a blockade to keep people from entering Disney World. But it was easier said than done, considering the massive Orlando park has multiple entrances, paid parking, and well, these people are not very smart. In fact, the protesters ended up blocking an entrance to the shopping area Disney Springs, over a mile away from the actual park entrance. Great work, everyone.

Around 100 people showed up to the protest organized by Moms for America, who were protesting Disney’s wildly liberal and controversial stance that…LGBTQ+ people exist? It’s a puzzling protest for many reasons. For one, DeSantis already signed the bill into law. You won this round, dummies. And secondly, Disney made significant financial contributions to the lawmakers and authors of the bill before being called out publicly by their employees. In response, DeSantis claimed that Disney was “trying to impose a woke ideology on our state,” which he declared a “significant threat.” It’s a bold move for DeSantis to insult and alienate one of his state’s biggest job providers and revenue generators, not to mention a globally successful corporation with millions of fans.

Of course, there are no good guys here: not the billion dollar corporation that tried to tacitly endorse anti-gay legislation until it was deemed too unpopular. And certainly not the mouth-breathing cretins holding up Florida traffic for no good reason. None of this changes anything. Disney will still rake in record profits and fans will still flock to their parks. And they certainly won’t miss the money of a handful of rabid Christo-fascists.

People took to social media to dunk on this protest fail:

(via FOX 35 Orlando, image: Disney) 

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