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Mystery Science Theater 3,000 Cast Riffs Nature When RiffTrax Comes to Television

Not even nature is safe from biting sarcasm.


Mystery Science Theater 3,000 was one of the greatest shows in television history, and the show’s stars, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy (voice of Tom Servo), and Bill Corbett (voice of Crow T. Robot), are still making movies fun as the team behind RiffTrax. Now, RiffTrax is coming to television and adding comedy to nature on National Geographic Channel.

On April 1st, the denizens of the Satellite of Love will take to Nat Geo for Total Riff Off, which has them poking fun at National Geographic shows and totally innocent little critters like the mantis shrimp. (Note: the mantis shrimp is actually a violent, terrifying monster, and we’re lucky that it allows us to share its planet.)

The show starts on April 1st at 8PM, but if you want to get a preview of what it’s going to be like, National Geographic already has a bunch of clips of the nature-riffing up on their site, and you can read the synopses of just what they’ll be riffing on TV Guide. It’s probably a good thing that mantis shrimp can’t hear them, or we might be short a few MST3K cast members in the near future. Those things do not mess around.

So go ahead, get started on your cardboard cutouts of the theater seats and Mike and the bots’ silhouettes to tape to the bottom of your TV screen and pretend you’re watching new MST3K on TV. Maybe this could become a regular April Fools’ Day treat? Please? Unless this is all some kind of cruel prank, and then I’ll spend the entire day huddled in a corner gently rocking back and forth to console myself.

(via RiffTrax)

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