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Ricky Schroder’s Anti-Mask Stunt Backlash Is a Friendly Reminder to Treat Customer Service Reps With Respect

Remember, cameras are everywhere.

Rick Schroder

It doesn’t matter how famous you were back in the day or where you fall in the Hollywood line of success, you treat your customer service representatives with the utmost respect and keep moving on with your day. Former child star Ricky Schroder seems to not have remembered this bit of information.

In the footage posted online, by Schroder himself, he could be heard accosting an employee at a Costco who was enforcing mask regulations. And when Schroder flipped the camera on himself, he completed the look by wearing a “Blue Lives Matter” cap, while continuing to harass the employee.

Schroder kept at it that he was right and didn’t seem to know the law in California when it came to wearing masks, despite how sure he was of himself. Just because Costco has lifted restrictions across the U.S. for its stores, doesn’t mean that every state has done so. In fact, California isn’t set to lift its restrictions yet as a precautionary measure.

The manager eventually gave Schroder a refund, after he continued to cause a stir, and after no one else stood up for him or joined his crusade to shut down Costco for their regulations that he doesn’t agree with. It wasn’t long before the internet got a hold of him and dragged him through the mud, forcing a non-apology out of him.

In the non-apology, he claimed that he was trying “to make a point to the corporate overlords, and sorry that I had to use you [the Costco employee] to do it.” I’m sorry, but that isn’t how you apologize to someone who was just doing their job. The employee at Costco has a life of their own with bills to pay that Costco helps with.

Jason, the employee’s name according to the video, wasn’t corporate or someone who could break company policy. So what did Schroder think would happen if he complained to the said employee? Did he think that Jason could change the policy and let him go into Costco without a worry?

Schroder continued his non-apology by saying, “If I hurt your feelings I apologize.” He followed that little gem by then adding, “but I do think that independence from medical tyranny is more important than hurting people’s feelings.” The second part of your statement contradicts the first and makes you look like an asshole.

Also, you weren’t fighting for the independence of the American people. Instead, you joined a rank of Karens and Kens who think they can do anything they want to, despite the rules set in place to protect everyone and stop people from dying. People like Schroder don’t care about the real-life repercussions of their actions or how much customer service representatives have to go through on the daily when they’re just doing their job.

They’re just tired assholes who want things to go back the way they were before the pandemic. Newsflash: Our lives are never going to be the same. There’s no going back to exactly the way life was before COVID-19, and pretending you can just up and do it while the pandemic is still ongoing is ignorant and dangerous. So, just wear your mask and shut up. And maybe, just maybe, give the customer service reps the same respect you’d want.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Schroder donated $15k to help pay the bail for Kyle Rittenhouse. You know, the teen charged with killing people at a Wisconsin protest. Yeah, that guy. So you know what you can do with your apology, right Schroder? You can keep it and continue showing the internet your true colors.

(image: Rob Kim/Getty for AT&T Audience Network)

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