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Rian Johnson Is in Talks With Netflix to Bring Us Two More Knives Out Sequels

So, a Rian Johnson trilogy, just not the trilogy we all thought we were going to get first.

Knives Out

Good things still exist. Like Rian Johnson making movies like the 2019 hit Knives Out. And now, we’re going to be getting even more from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi director. According to Deadline, Netflix is nearing a $400 million dollar deal that would bring Daniel Craig back as Detective Benoit Blanc, with Rian Johnson writing and directing, for two more movies. And you know what I say to that? That’s a mystery well worth solving. (Meaning yes, I’m very excited. I’m writing this drinking out of my Knives Out mug. Of course I’m happy about it.)

The thing is, Knives Out brought us back into the genre of murder mysteries in a beautiful way and getting to revisit this original take on a whodunit is exactly what fans of Johnson and the film wanted. I have ideas for all the movies you can make about Detective Benoit Blanc and his mysteries. Gun Show, Sword Fights, Fisticuffs, and so many more. I don’t know! Just give me all the whodunits please and thank you!

Rian Johnson is one of our most creative filmmakers. He’s shown us that with Looper, with his innovative music video for LCD Soundsystem’s “oh baby,” and his brilliant work with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Time and time again, he keeps us on the edge of our seat and so it makes sense that he’s master the art of the whodunit.

According to Deadline, once the deal is set, the second movie will begin filming on June 28 in Greece and casting will immediately begin. Since the last we saw of the Thrombey family, they realized that their son Ransom Drysdale had killed Harlan Thrombey. Chances are we’re not going to see any of those characters that Blanc first encountered.

If every new Knives Out just includes a wonderful look at a new case and gives us a whole bunch of new characters to point fingers at, then I’m happy to go on this journey with Johnson, Daniel Craig, and Rian Johnson’s producing partner Ram Bergman.

We have Knives Out because Daniel Craig had some downtime between playing James Bond, and Rian Johnson loves Agatha Christie and because of that, I will gladly give those circumstances my thanks. Knives Out was fun and creative and getting to have this sort of deal with Netflix is unheard of. I hope it works out and we get more movies from Johnson in this world because I’d watch Detective Benoit Blanc trying to solve mysteries all over the world. And maybe he can even bring Marta Cabrera (Ana de Armas) along with him on some mysteries.

Who knows what’s to come for Rian Johnson’s whodunit series, but isn’t that part of the fun? The mystery of it all? Anyway, give me all the Knives Out content and more. It’s what we all deserve.

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