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Bonkers Star Wars Fan Theory: Rey Is Reincarnated Anakin Skywalker, Jakku Is Literally Purgatory

Kylo is gonna be so pissed.


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Listen, I don’t actually think this is the big reveal behind Rey’s identity. It’s too bizarre, and it makes the new trilogy dependent on the prequels in a way I don’t think J.J. Abrams or anyone else involved in production would want to risk. That being said, points for creativity!

Over on 9Gag, someone has put together an extensive explanation for the theory that Rey is a reincarnation (Rey-incarnation?) of Anakin Skywalker, returned to make amends for his youngling-murders and other sins. Given Anakin’s well-known hatred of sand, the theory suggests that Rey’s time spent alone on a sandy planet like Jakku is a literal purgatory for Anakin. Other ‘evidence’ includes Rey’s resemblance to Shmi Skywalker, and the fact that, like Anakin, she’s loyal, family-oriented, and a preternaturally skilled pilot. The theory goes on to argue that “The Chosen One” has been reincarnated many times, and that their Rey form is punishment for Anakin’s crimes (a pretty awesome punishment, if you ask me).

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Ignoring for a second that “The Chosen One” is a genderless title and therefore has likely assumed other female forms before Rey, this explanation does feel a little bit to me like someone couldn’t handle seeing a woman kicking dudes’ asses in The Force Awakens, and needed to connect her to Anakin in order to justify her mad skills. I also resent the idea that Rey’s entire hero’s journey is just one big redemption arc for a male character.

On the other hand, the reincarnation idea is also a reminder of how ridiculous those “Rey Is a Mary Sue” arguments really are–since the theory lays out all the identical ways both Rey and Anakin are wildly talented, it’s a reminder that extraordinary force sensitivity and bad-assery are only considered “unrealistic” when they present themselves in a woman. Anakin was just as unbelievably skilled as Rey is, but because he’s a dude, that’s seen as The Chosen One being The Chosen One. Even if Rey turns out to have a similarly grandiose and preordained role in the galaxy, I doubt her critics will be as accepting of her skillz as they are of Anakin’s.

What do you think of the Rey-incarnation theory, friends?

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