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Review: Harry Potter Pensieve Memory Set the Perfect Gift for Any Potterhead

image: Running Press Harry Potter Pensieve Memory Set

One of the best parts of being a Harry Potter fan is knowing that the world of the story is rich and detailed and still full of possibilities all these years later. Running Press brings us a piece of the Potterverse with a gift set straight out of Dumbledore’s office.

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The Harry Potter Pensieve Memory Set* is the perfect collectible for any Harry Potter fan who wants to collect and examine their memories. Sure, the Pensieve dish you see on the cover of that book in the photo above doesn’t actually work, but the book is a journal, featuring quotes from the Harry Potter films throughout its pages and space to write your own memories. Who needs a magical dish full of fog to relive memories when we have our brains anyway!

image: Running Press Harry Potter Pensieve Memory Set interior

The set also comes with:

  • a 5 1/4 x 8″ deluxe 176-page journal with Pensieve dish embedded into the cover. It features quotes from the Harry Potter films throughout and space to write your own memories.
  • 8″ Dumbledore wand pen
  • two 4″ memory vials with removable lids, fashioned after those seen in the films
  • keepsake box with closing latch.

I had a look at this set, and in addition to being really pretty, the journal is really high-quality, which would mean a lot to you if you knew how much of a journal fiend I am. The pen leaves a little to be desired, but it makes a great and really fun prop wand. The vials look great, but are plastic, so you don’t have to worry about where you put them, breakage, or gifting this to young Potter fans.

But, perhaps my word isn’t good enough for you? Maybe you’ll listen to my elementary school-age niece instead! Because kids make vlogs and do unboxing videos now (I’m so old), when I sent her the Pensieve set, the first thing she did was make a video about it on her Instagram. Yes, she’s got her own Instagram. And check out her Instagram handle. There’s no doubt that Harry Potter Hermione comes first in her heart.

Running Press’ Harry Potter Pensieve Memory Set ($34.95) is available now at the Running Press website, and other places books are sold. 

*Running Press provided me with a free copy of the set I reviewed in this post. The opinions I share are my own.

(image: Running Press)

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