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Republicans Are Being Weird About Kamala Harris Again

Congressional Republicans should try to charge Vice President Kamala Harris rent for all the space she takes up in their collective heads. That just might solve the budget crisis, or at the very least, provide the rest of us with some light entertainment.

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Just kidding, we all know the Republicans have no urgency in regard to the budget crisis.

In case you didn’t know, Republicans are really weird about Vice President Harris. Like, really weird. As a refresher, Marjorie Taylor Greene had a meltdown over Harris tweeting that this country needs an assault weapons ban. That’s a very mild take to have, given that the majority of the country also supports an assault weapons ban. Greene, however, took to the swamp of social media to proclaim that it was Harris who needed to be banned, not her assault weapons whose only purpose is to pulverize flesh and take life. It makes no sense, but toddler tantrums rarely do.

Kamala Harris is a woman in power who also happens to have brown skin, so really, a misogynoir BINGO for all the horrible people of the world. So we all know why she triggers them so much. What baffles me is how often she does so. Republicans genuinely seem to be staying up at night, coming up with new ways to attempt to antagonize her, if only to score points with their own morally corrupt, deluded base. Fortunately, Harris is competent at her job and doesn’t appear to be kept up late at night over what people who have terrible views think of her.

Case in point, the House Republicans, who should literally be doing anything else than this, have decided to tack a ridiculous amendment onto their doomed-to-fail spending bill. Per Fox News (I know, I know, but sometimes you just gotta see what the other side is saying):

The House is expected to take up the Financial Services and General Government fiscal year 2024 appropriations, which lays out funding for the Treasury and executive office of the president, among other sections. 

And for the House GOP majority, it’s also a vehicle to force the Biden administration’s hand on key progressive policy points.

An amendment submitted by Rep. Mike Collins, R-Ga., is aimed at halting funds toward Vice President Kamala Harris’ office. 

Multiple amendments that were offered targeted funding toward the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, while another by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., proposed reducing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Daniel Werfel’s salary to $1. 

To borrow a term from the youth: BFFR you absolute clowns. Rome is metaphorically burning, and you’re still nurturing your burn book like the goons you are.

As a reminder, the Senate is controlled by the Democrats, and the President is, despite what that QAnon aunt you wish wouldn’t be invited to family Thanksgiving has been insisting, also a Democrat. This means all these posturing waste of time demands are going to be laughed out of the Senate chambers before they ever got to Biden’s desk to sign. So let’s call this what it is: sad losers who don’t know how to do their jobs playing to the meanest and most gullible among their base as a fundraising tactic. They simply are not serious people.

In what world would anyone ever allow the Vice President’s office to be defunded, you absolute dummies? Like, I expect Marjorie Taylor Greene to waste everyone’s time with stupid clown antics. That’s her whole thing, and it gets her attention so she continues on with it. What I can’t wrap my head around is, more people are trying to be MTGs in the House. Look, Rep. Collins is in a solidly red district, so he probably feels pretty comfortable not doing his job and wasting everyone’s time, but primaries do exist my man. Waste enough time and get nothing done, someone may decide to do something about that come election season.

Or maybe I’m totally off base and these ghouls are elected just to spin wheels and waste time. What do I know? Basically nothing, other than the fact Kamala Harris really grinds these people’s gears, and for that we should all be thankful.

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