Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kamala Harris in side-by-side photos.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants to Ban Kamala Harris, What?!

When it comes to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, it’s best to keep your standards low. Like, a sub-basement that keeps flooding with raw sewage low. So with that in mind, I’m here to share with you quite possibly one of the dumbest things she’s said in quite some time.

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To set the tone, I’m going to share with you a fairly benign social post by Vice President Kamala Harris:

The vast majority of Americans support an assault weapons ban. A Fox News poll (yes, that Fox News) found that 61% of voters support an assault weapons ban. In today’s partisan landscape, that’s what we call a slam dunk on an issue.

However, Marjorie Taylor Greene, like many Republicans, is acting like that annoying kid in your class that is hell-bent on disruption and doesn’t really know why. Since we can’t go make her (metaphorically) run laps around the school to tire herself out, we instead have to resort to pointing and laughing at her:

I’m sorry, but what? Where to begin …

First and foremost, the attack on the Vice President is lazy and uninspired. It has real Seinfeldjerk store called” energy. Secondly, Greene’s deeply stupid response becomes objectively hilarious when you contextualize that this dummy is right in the middle of a real leadership crisis within her own Republican party. However, we’re not dealing with a rational adult, are we? We’re dealing with a nuisance woman who completely lacks any self-awareness.

Rather than try to rally her colleagues around an orc-prince leader to further plunge the country into a MAGA-hell, she’s screwing around on social media and s***posting poorly. It’s so dumb! I hate it, and yet I cannot look away.

The best/worst thing about all of this is that Harris will never respond to Greene’s idiotic post. At best, what Harris will do is scoff and throw a “look at this a**hole” glance at her husband Doug Emhoff, and then they’ll laugh at Greene. Even the most disruptive dumbass knows that’s the bad kind of attention and simply not worth the effort. Greene is simply shouting into the social media void, with only her bot account followers to witness it. If she weren’t such an awful person, I might pity the pathetic display for attention.

Also, can you imagine what a terrible person you have to be to jump onto social media (instead of doing your job) and publicly state you’re against legislation that will actively save lives?! As Newsweek points out in their article on Greene’s idiotic and hateful response, Harris’ post didn’t come out of nowhere:

“More than 500 people have been killed in mass shootings so far in 2023, according to the Gun Violence Archive, including three children and three adults at a Nashville elementary school in March. Police said the shooter, who was killed by police, was armed with two “assault-type” guns and a pistol.

Harris spoke about the difficulty of passing an assault weapons ban at an event at the College of Southern Nevada on Thursday, and shared a clip of her remarks on her official X account on Monday.

“It’s not rocket science in terms of what we need to do. Okay?” she said.”

To a rational person with an ounce of goodness in them, they would see Harris’ post, agree with it, and move on. Not Greene, though. She had to spout nonsense, call for a ban on our democratically elected Vice President (which by the by, is simply not a thing), and then falsely accuse her of an uptick in crime. Which, I don’t know about you, but if you’re really against crime, perhaps you might want to ban assault weapons from the general public? Just a thought.

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