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Israeli Highway Comes to a Standstill for Holocaust Remembrance Day [Video]

Last week,¬†Israelis honored the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust today with a moment of silence marked by sirens across the country. The two-minute sirens blared in recognition of Holocaust Remembrance Day, a nationwide day of¬†commemoration. As can be seen in the video above, even drivers on one of the country’s busiest highways came to a standstill.

While poignant in its own right, an Israeli Reddit commenter added to the remarkable sight his own thoughts, saying:

yea, i guess it does seem weird for an outsider.

im an arab israeli. i do stand up in respect of those who fell (not just the 6 million, but every victim of WWII). you dedicate just a minute to remember them. and when its over, its over. there is no reason to linger. i actually always liked that.

remember the dead, but life.. life carries on

(via Reddit)

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