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Here, Remember the Good Old Days of Obama and Biden Memes

Those were the days of our lives ...

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden bro embrace

The era of Barack Obama and Joe Biden memes was a fun time to exist on the Internet and in the greater universe. They were just two bros, administrating from the White House and having a ball while doing it. Now, we only have sad memes about the mess that our country is in. So let’s take a look back at the world that Biden and Obama gave us. Try not to cry.

Even the president joined in on the meme trend to celebrate Joe’s birthday.

Most of the memes involved the president telling Joe to do something and Joe doing the opposite.

They are all in good fun though and now, they give us a sense of longing for a better time when Biden and Obama jokes were all the rage.

Most centered around their friendship: Biden never wanting to leave Obama’s side. Can you imagine such hilarity, levity and warmth surrounding Trump and Pence?

And some were a little more conspiratory against 45.

The memes came from a place of love (or at least the good jokes were). We loved Joe Biden and Barack Obama and so we wanted to share their poignant friendship through memes.

Obviously though, when we got a new president, it meant the end of an era.

A lot of memes began to center around Joe trying to sabotage the White House before Trump got there.

But then, of course, a lot of them were about Joe and Obama just loving each other.

They’re just two bros who love each other (and America).

But only if we’re really good do we get the Avengers to come and save the world.

This is one meme that continues to bring us joy and maybe we need to bring it back.

Let us remember the good old days, let us remember that the memes were incredible.

(image: Pete Souza on Flickr)

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