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This Campaign to Remake The Last Jedi Is Amazing for All the Wrong Reasons

Do ... or do not. Just putting it out there that "do not" is an option.

Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi left fans divided—some for good reasons, and some not so much. It’s even been blamed for the poor box office performance for Solo, but fear not, Disney! A ragtag group of fans(?) has come together to propose a solution to the Star Wars franchise getting so far off course: let them remake The Last Jedi with their own budget (as soon as “investors” provide them with one).

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Well, the group behind the campaign claims to have “producers” who have “pledged” to cover the budget of the remake, but they’re also letting their website visitors “pledge” a dollar amount—towards the budget that they totally already have covered—without any actual level of commitment, which I’m guessing is their universal definition of “pledge” they’re applying to those producers, too.

Their pledge amount from like-minded individuals—again, not that they need any extra money—is already up to 85 million USD VRD (very real dollars) that definitely weren’t “pledged” by people as a joke. What’s the exchange rate of VRD to USD?

stanley says "the same as the exchange rate of unicorns to leprechauns" in NBC's The Office

(image: NBC)

All they need now is a meeting with Disney executives to talk them into handing a mind-bogglingly lucrative movie franchise over to people who plan on rectifying the mistake that was the highest grossing film of 2017, with a script crowdsourced from the fans! What could go wrong? (A lot.)

In trying to get #RemakeTheLastJedi trending on Twitter, they attracted a bit of attention from some of the very people who could get their voices heard! They even have the support of Rian Johnson himself, who surely feels guilty for ruining Star Wars and putting Disney in the position of handing it over to literally anyone who asks. Things are very clearly looking up:

It’s surprising that Hamill would be against this, since they use his own not-at-all-out-of-context words to justify this project on their website.

But other high-powered people in the movie business have definitely taken an interest. Even Seth Rogen had a few questions for the team about their plans, going so far as to provide valuable advice from an industry insider on how the actual making of movies works:

Sure, budgets and a cast and crew are usually important components of a good movie, but when dealing with a solid brand that you don’t own, those things are sure to fall into place on their own. The ideas from fans are already pouring in across the internet!

They’ve already got talent lined up to take on some of the lead roles if the original actors are too sensitive about having their previous work thrown out:

I truly hope this campaign never ends.

(featured image: Lucasfilm)

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