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Reddit Launched Its Own Crowdfunding Site, Prepare for Infinite Meme T-Shirts

Is this what Snoop Dogg hath wrought?


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Those investor dollars Reddit took in from the likes of Snoop Dogg and Jared Leto seem to be paying off, as the site has just launched its very own crowdfunding arm: Redditmade.

The crowdfunding site is currently in open beta and functions similarly to Kickstarter with campaign time limits and funding goals that need to be met before campaigns shut up and take anyone’s money. According to Reddit’s announcement, Redditmade will help subreddits produce their own merchandise among other things:

One of the biggest reasons we created redditmade was to allow subreddits an easy way to create official subreddit merch for their communities. Whatever you want to make, we’ll connect you to our network of quality sourcing partners for a variety of products and walk you through every step of the process so your community can celebrate your connection and show off your pride without all the work.

Official subreddit campaigns get additional support

Official subreddit campaigns are distinguished on redditmade as featured campaigns, and they can also receive complimentary ads on reddit for the subreddit they are associated with.

We also allow individuals to create campaigns, and someone in your community may create a product they would like to connect to your subreddit. If this happens, we’ll send you a mod mail asking you to endorse this product as an official subreddit campaign if you think it accurately represents your community.

Well this should get interesting. Reddit has a lot of good things going on, and everything looks very tame and nice so far, but there’s also a good number of subreddits whose merchandise we will be sure to love when it winds up on the front page of Redditmade. Oh, did I say love? I think I meant loathe to our very cores.

Let’s watch what happens, shall we?


(via The Verge, image via screenshot)

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