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Reddit Is Devolving Into a Community-Like Dystopia Based on Pressing a Button

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A subreddit has gone the way of about 50% of Community episodes and established its own micro-society around a relatively simple and absurd concept. Every 108 minutes 60 seconds, someone new must press the button.

Users on the subreddit are assigned “button flair” that you can roll over with your mouse to see whether or not they’ve pressed the button. For those who have pressed it, the rollover will tell you how many seconds were remaining before that user became unable to handle the dread of the button running out. But in addition to only being allowed to press the button once, only accounts created before 4/1/2015 can press the button, meaning that eventually, the 60-second timer will hit zero.

Some have taken to scolding those who press the button quickly, since it’s already been pushed over half a million times in just days, which could have kept it going for a year if they’d only exercised more willpower than Plucky Duck.


“MY turn to push the button! Reddit go down the hoooooole.”

Others are calling for the button indicators next to everyone’s username to become a site-wide feature of Reddit, thus completing its Community-esque destiny of absorbing everyone into ridiculous social factions.

No one has any idea what, if anything, will happen when the countdown inevitably hits zero, but we have a sneaking suspicion that Desmond set this up and then ran off gleefully after getting all:


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