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Recursive Pizza

Depending on how you look at it, artist John Riepenhoff‘s “Physical Pizza Networking Theory” may be, as he recently told Serious Eats, a work that “address[es] the ontology of the social as material in art. Using mise en abyme to illuminate a relationship between the layers of material and our experience, and meta symbolic experience of pizza as a hearth, as meeting point, as cultural convergence, as party, as sculpture, as gift, as collage, as pie, and individuals as ingredients within pieces of a social pie adding up to something greater than their whole in a deliciously simple way.” Or it could be a pizza topped with other, smaller pizzas with different toppings of their own. Either way: Looks delicious. (Click to enlarge.)

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‘Course, if you want to brush up on recursion, there’s no better way than to Google it.

(Serious Eats via BuzzFeed)

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