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New Tool Lets You GIF Your Face to React to Anything on the Internet

Now you can say anything you want with a GIF, meaning it should be the only form of communication we use from now on.

My Dumb Face

Have you ever been in a position where you want to react to something on the Internet, but you can’t find the right reaction GIF? Kiss those worries goodbye, because now there’s an easy way to make your own. FaceToGIF is an HTML5 tool that records right from your browser and converts the file to a handy GIF format.

Let’s say it’s 4:00 PM, you haven’t gotten much sleep, and you’ve pretty much had it with the day. You want a handy GIF to express that feeling to your coworkers, but you just can’t find one to capture exactly how over everything you are today. Head over to FaceToGIF and within minutes you can have this at the ready:


The tool lets you record right in your browser window, and gives you the option to download the resulting GIF or save it to Imgur. None of the GIFs I created to test this were small enough in file size to save to Imgur, but it’s presented as an option.

Now your GIF powers are limited only to your imagination and ability to express yourself. I’d do more examples, but seriously. I’m completely over today.


See? You can tell because I’m rolling my head.

(FaceToGIF via The Verge, image via my face)

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