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Resident Evil Village Could’ve Been Solved With an Email

Just send a text next time, Chris, damn.
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Spoilers for Resident Evil Village

Listen. I understand having to turn my brain off when it comes to some of the things that take place in Resident Evil Village. I’ve accepted that Ethan Winters is a man who’s come to terms with the fact that he can reattach his hand with water and a prayer. I’ve even accepted the moments where he decides to stick around and chat with his adversaries instead of grabbing his canister baby and leaving before they can trap him in an old fish shack with green mold.


There is one thing I just canNOT get over now that my wife and I have beaten this game.


My guy.

Why didn’t you just TALK to Ethan in the first place?!

Now look, I know from a storytelling perspective you want there to be some mystery. Has Mia turned on you again? Is that why Chris and his men just unload an entire Castle Dimitrescu’s worth of ammo into her body? Ethan is, understandably, distraught, but instead of explaining the situation, Chris takes Rose, knocks Ethan out, and makes plans to transport them away from the danger.

This, of course, doesn’t pan out the way he wants, and Ethan is left to fend for himself as he tries to make sense of why Chris would do such a thing. Ethan has no reason to think that Chris would turn on his family in such a way, after all, Chris is the one who helped them get away from the Baker House at the end of Resident Evil 7. He also, according to this game, is the one who got them situated in their new home and … gave them military training, I guess?

We find out later that wasn’t Mia who was murdered in front of Ethan, but Miranda (the main baddie of the game) posing as her. That’s why Chris turned her body into swiss cheese, as they say.

You might be wondering when Chris told Ethan this, and the answer is … near the end of the game.


To make sure Ethan didn’t get involved.

“I guess I owe you an explanation.”



Here are my questions, Mr. Redfield.

One: How did you think murdering Mia in front of Ethan and kidnapping his daughter would prevent him from getting involved? Even if the danger level of this game is astronomically high, I can’t think of anyone who would just accept what happened without some kind of explanation. Furthermore, Ethan Winters went through literal mold-infested hell in Resident Evil 7 for the sake of his wife (who went on a murderous rampage against him – not her fault, but still), what makes you think he’s gonna sit back and accept any of this unless if you talk to him?!

Two: If you truly don’t want Ethan involved why did he receive military training? Military training for what? In case something popped off at their new home?

Three: Why in the world would you respond to Ethan’s legitimate inquiries with annoyance? How do you have the audacity to be irritated when he shows up to try and save what he believes is the only family he has left? “You think I killed Mia?” Chris asks this question when you finally get a chance to talk to him, uninterrupted.



Did you forget that you’ve told Ethan nothing up to this point? What else was he supposed to think?

Four: I see it’s not just Ethan you don’t talk to because you didn’t exactly tell Mia that her husband stayed behind to save everyone until after the giant explosion in the village. I get it. It’s devastating news to deliver. But why are you letting this woman panic about her husband’s fate?

Basically, this entire game could’ve been solved with communication. We know that Chris and Ethan are still in contact with each other, could Chris not think of a better way to alert Ethan about what was going on?

Let’s say he couldn’t. Let’s say Miranda was gonna (attempt to) kill Ethan and take Rose that night so Chris has no choice but to go after her.

Well … why not tell Ethan after that?

Why was “grab the baby and knock him out” your plan, sir?!

I know, video game gotta video game so that boulder-punching asshole has to be tight-lipped about everything until the last possible second.

I’m just saying, this would’ve been a lot less messy if Chris sent an email, at least.

(image: Capcom)

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