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The Definitive Ranking of Loki’s Wigs in Marvel Movies

A hair-raising story in five parts.

Loki Side Eye

**Avengers: Infinity War spoilers ahead.**

When leaked shots were released from the upcoming fourth Avengers movie that seemed to depict the Battle of New York from the first Avengers movie, my first thought was “Omg yes! Loki’s back,” and then my second thought was “Oh no, and that terrible wig.” Hair in the MCU has its champions (Black Panther and Tony Stark) and its failures: most of Black Widow’s wigs are tragic, and one of the best things Ragnarok did was cut Thor’s hair. However, Loki’s hair has been hit or miss in many ways for me.

We must remember that, although our sweet classic prince Tom Hiddleston has been known for playing brooding dark-haired Byronic heroes, he is a sweet ginger man and so getting into the black gothic locks for Loki is part of his transformation into that character. Today, we will be going through Loki’s wigs throughout the MCU and breaking down which bring honor to our trickster god and which belong in the flames of Hel.

The Worst: The Avengers

Loki Avengers

It would make sense that Loki’s worst wig would pop up in the movie where he’s also written the worst out of all his appearances in the MCU. The way it’s styled is just so silly. He has this whole Farrah Fawcett thing going for him at the ends, which makes him look like a malevolent porcupine. Everything about Loki in this movie is off. After the events of Thor, we know was probably tortured by Thanos—not because the film really makes that clear, but, you know … he looks rough. While, at the moment, I remember truly loving Avengers, looking back, most of the characters seem off—none more so than Loki, who, in calling Black Widow a “mewling quim,” was turned into a raging misogynist for no reason other than the script demanded it.

The Death Rattle Wig: Infinity War


If I were going to rank traumatic deaths in Infinity War, it would definitely be (1) Spider-Man, (2) Gamora, and (3) Loki. Not only does Loki get strangled by Thanos, but he does so after finally, finally getting to be the brother/friend/foil that he has always truly wanted to be. He wasn’t even allowed to go out in style with the glorious hair he had in Ragnarok, and we know Loki can make his hair stay even in the most intense of situations. Yet, at the same time, we see a Loki ready to give up everything for his brother, so it may be a trash wig, but we see Loki really reach his final evolution as a loving brother to Thor.

The Wig That Started It All: Thor

Thor-Loki Respectable

Ah, sweet baby Loki in the first Thor, looking like one of the aliens from Galaxy Quest, but hot. Sporting his shortest haircut, he is both a loving brother and a huge turd at the same time, but his identity crisis leads him to act out more and more aggressively. Short-haired Loki = unhappy Loki. He needs his hair for confidence!

The Imperfect Cell of Wigs: Thor: The Dark World


Thor 2 features a Loki in torment. After getting his character back from Joss Whedon, our sweet prince remembers that he’s evil because he’s sad, not because he’s naturally evil. Loki in The Dark World is still filled with frustration and smugness because he’s bitter about Odin being the worst dad ever. He still wants to be a part of the family (hence why he and Thor almost always have matching haircuts, I’m just saying) and styles himself as the dark Odin. This is great character development, but also means his hair is trapped between the rigidness of his past life and the freedom of embracing his true self beyond the prescribed roles Odin may have set for him. Thank goodness for Frigga.

The Sexiest Loki Hair: Thor 2 Jail Hair

Sexy Loki Jail Hair

Prison Loki’s hair is fantastic because he is free of whatever “product” he uses, and it allows him to go full tragic Romance poet, a.k.a. his true form. The softer waves are glorious and a hint of the things to come in his next and best movie.

The Best Loki Look: Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Rag Loki

What a masterpiece. Like all things in this movie, the hair represents Loki truly being balanced and at peace with himself. He is both a trickster god and a loyal-ish brother, and it is reflected in the high quality of his wig. While it’s still styled, it has a great balance of body and curls, allowing us to get the best hair porn scenes in Loki-history:

Glory to the wig

and of course the knife flip:


It is only fitting that the film where Loki finally fully reunited with his brother is where his wig is in control. The curls, y’all! The curls! Even his helmet looks better in this movie than it did in previous films. This is why Thor: Ragnarok is considered the gayest Marvel movie: It has perfect style. While Thor’s haircut was seen as the biggest hair change in the MCU, for us Loki lovers, this film for gave us the Loki hair-cape that we deserve and the brotherly goodness we need.

I know this all seems silly, but as someone who watches a lot of period pieces, hair is part of a character, and for Loki, his dark locks are very much in lockstep with who he is as a person, the dark god bound by multiple identities trying to figure out which one best works for him.

What are some of the best and worst styling choices you’ve seen in the MCU? Which Thor film do you think does Loki the most justice as a character?

(images: Marvel Entertainment)

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