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What Is Going ON With Randy Quaid and Donald Trump?

Are we surprised Cousin Eddie is a Trumper?

Randy Quaid and Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation

Randy Quaid, a name many of us haven’t heard in years, has been trending all day long because Quaid has gone full conspiracy theory-loving Trumper. For whatever reason, in 2020, a new friendship has formed, and Donald Trump is retweeting the actor, and they’re just so happy to have each other.

(Trump also retweeted this.)

And so Twitter is … confused.

Honestly, this is pretty much on par for the Trump presidency and everything going on with it. If I were writing a comedy about 2020, I probably would have added a whole bit where Donald Trump gets his idea to overthrow the government from someone like Randy Quaid, but because 2020 is just writing itself, it beat me to the punchline.

Right now, Donald Trump is frantically trying to pretend like he was wronged and the 2020 election was taken from him. The problem? Every recount reminds us that Joe Biden won fair and square, and now the GSA is letting the transition of power begin (even if Trump is now claiming that even the GSA doesn’t have the right to claim who won the presidency).

It’s just … funny to me that he’s clinging to someone like Randy Quaid in his last ditch effort to claim that he won. If you’re going to hitch your wagon to any of the Quaids, I’d at least pick Jack Quaid because he’s a beloved young actor with the charm of Meg Ryan on his side.

Whatever the hell is happening between them, Randy Quaid apparently wants to go golfing with Trump, and honestly? Whatever. I’m tired of this saga. I want this season of America to end, and I cannot wait until Trump doesn’t make the news every single day.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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